Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In making jewelry there are certain tools you will need. Different sets of pliers, cutters, benders and crimp beads.

Now because theres about fifty different kinds, you may get a little lost when you go to the store. I highly suggest these few basic pliers that you can do just about everything with.

Rosary, Flat Nose, Crimping and Wire Cutters.

With Rosary pliers, you can bend wire, jump rings and pins.

Flat nose can help you hold onto items as you work with them and you can also close and straighten your jump rings and loops.

Crimping Pliers are for Crimp beads. When you are working with wire or a bead that you don't want moving around you can place a crimp bead on each sid and then smoosh it with the crimp pliers so that it doesnt move.

The cutters are pretty self explanatory. You can cut chain, wire, eye pins, and many other hardware products so that you get the exact size and length you need.

You'll find all of these items at Walmart, Michaels, AC More and several other arts and crafts stores.

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